• PRECIPITATED SILICA - Precipitated silica is mainly used as rubber strengthening agent and additives. It can be used to manufacture white, transparent rubber products. . Precipitated Silica is used to improve rubber tear strength, flex fatigue resistance, abrasion resistance, heat build-up, hardness, modulus, resilience and adhesion. Due to the high surface area and purity of our product, vulcanization can be made with excellent transparency, enhanced strength properties, tear / shear hardness and abrasion resistance. It is a high-quality, reinforcing particulate filler that is used in conjunction with carbon black in rubber components of tyres and mechanical goods to improve performance Precipitated silica are mainly used as a reinforcement agent in rubber and tyre formulations. They are additionally utilized as carriers. It imparts good finish, strength and balances at the required physico-chemical properties of the products.
    140 gives high dispensability, makes it better reinforcing silica and suitable for filling a natural, synthetic and latex rubber, transparent shoe soles, tyres, tubes, rubber lining, vulcanization of rubber etc. to provide toughness and high resistance to abrasion.

    Pesticide Grade
    110 is most suitable for pesticides, insecticides & fungicides due to their extremely fine particles size and large surface area which account their use as an absorbent carrier and flow conditioner of solids and viscosity control of liquids. It has higher absorption, easier wetting, better compatibility with most toxicants and better chemical stability even after extended storage under tropical condition.

    Paint Grade
    180 suitable for delustering or flattening effects in paints, prevents settling of pigment in storage, stabilizer emulsion and helps to covers greater surface area.

    Toothpaste Grade
    SUPERSIL - 220 suitable in the manufacturing of tooth powder & toot paste.
    Supersil -
    220 Silica when added to tooth powder or tooth paste acts as a good abrasive agent, thereby cleaning teeth thoroughly. The transparency of high porous and high surface area of Supersil - 220 Silica permits the development of transparent tooth paste.

    Micronised Silica
    260 is a superfine micronised Silica grade having all particles below 10 micron. Used for special purposes.