• 1. Adhesive : 
    Supersil precipitated silica is useful to enhance bond strength and as a reinforcing and thickening agent. The dispersed silica particles within a liquid adhesive hardens fast when it is in contact with solid surface. In both natural and synthetic rubber based adhesive.
    Supersil Silica provides thixotropy, reinforcement and promotes adhesion as well as serves as extenders, therefore it raises quality and lowers cost. To adjust  rheology and provide reinforcement.
    Supersil Silica prevents resin separation and the settling of pigments and heavy fillers. 
    It prevents excessive penetration of adhesive into porous adherents.It improves flow control and heat resistance of hot melts in application.
    Serves as a free flowing  agent for spray dried resins

  • 2. Chappals : 
    Precipitated silica is used in shoe soles for its resistance to wear and to tearing ,its non-scuffing characteristics and to obtain compounds with light color or even transparent materials. Provides superior durability and resilience and improved modulus.
    Acts as white reinforcer facilitating manufacturing of colored end products.
    We have recently introduced EVA grade for EVA footwear market. The EVA grade can be incorporated as it imparts good abrasion & modulus properties.
    Because Precipitated Silica is white it allows the formulator to produce either colored or translucent nonmarking soles.Precipitated Silica provides superior durability and resilience while improving compound stiffness for all types of rubber soled footwear.
  • 3. Conveyor Belt & Transmission belt :
    Precipitated Silica is used to improve the tear strength due to its small particle size and complex aggregate structure. It imparts the highest degree of reinforcement to elastomer compounds. Precipitated Silica is used to prevent from cracking and cut growth of Conveyor Belts and power transmission belts.
    � Provides higher tensile strength.
    � Provides longer life and durability
    � Imparts abrasion resistance
    � Improves tear resistance.
  • 4. PVC Sheets :
    Precipitated Silica is used to improve pigment dispersion and acts as a parting agent and as an absorbent to improve the flow and imparts a dry feel to the compound.
    � Improves tear resistance.
    � Acts as reinforcing agent
    � Provides higher tensile strength.
    � Provides longer life and durability
  • 5. Railway Pads :
    Precipitated Silica is used for the following reasons in Railway Pads :
    � Provides increased abrasion resistance and strength.
    � Provides superior durability and resilience and improved modulus.

  • 6. Rice Rollers and Rubber Rollers :
    Precipitated Silica is used in Rubber Rollers and Rice Rollers for following reasons :
    � Improves the abrasion resistance and stiffness.
    � Improves tear resistance.
    � Acts as reinforcing agent
    � Provides higher tensile strength.
    � Provides longer life and durability
  • 7. Rubber Products and Rubber Hoses :
    In industrial rubber ,precipitated silica confers superior strength and durability on industrial Rubber Belts and Rubber Hoses together with improved heat resistance and tear strength. It also improves adhesion in wire and fabric coat compounds and allows for rapid and easy processing, resulting in smooth finished surfaces in molded products.

  • 8. Silicon Tubes :
    Silicone rubber is used in a number of applications where its unique properties provide a substantial benefit. Many of these properties are highly dependent on the type and quantity of filler used in the compound. Particular silicone rubber applications have certain physical strength requirements for example: wire and cable, medical and surgical, belting, hose, tubing and various fuel-resistant rubbers uses. When physical strength is a primary concern, reinforcing silica is the filler of choice. Precipitated Silica is used in Silicon Rubber for following reasons :
    � Improves process ability of raw mixture.
    � Offers resistance to heat aging.
    � Minimizes crape hardening.
    � Provides superior resilience and compression set.
  • 9. Rubber and Solid Tyres :
    Precipitated Silica is used in Tyre industry to improve the tear resistance of truck and heavy equipment tyres and also to enhance adhesion between the metallic reinforcement and the rubber of radial tyres. Nowadays use of precipitated silica have been extended to passenger Car tyres as well. Precipitated Silica is also used in �Green Tyres � due to excellent dispersion capacity and low rolling resistance and improves their longevity and adherence.
  • 10. Textile Cots And Aprons :
    Supersil precipitated silica is used for reinforcing silica for textile cots & Aprons.
    Pesticides :
    Supersil precipitated silica is used as a carrier and diluent because in comparison with cheaper clays, it has high absorption, easier suspensibility, better compatibility with most toxicants and better stability. Even after extended storage under tropical condition.

    Printing Ink :
    Supersil precipitated silica is used a s a thickening and suspending agent, to prevent set off and picking, to heighten brilliance.

    Tooth Paste and Tooth Powder :
    Supersil precipitated silica is used in the manufacturing of tooth powder like normal, medicated and transparent tooth paste. Supersil precipitated silica when added to tooth powder or tooth paste acts as a good abrasive agent, thereby cleaning the teeth thoroughly the transparency of highly porous and high surface area of silica permits the development of transparent tooth paste.

    Salt :
    Supersil precipitated silica provides free flowing characteristics in salt and prevents caking. It dose not effect on taste, odour, colour and nature of the salt.

    Coatings :
    Supersil precipitated silica is used as thickening, thixotropic, antisettling agent and as matting agent at high concentration. It also reduces gloss of trade sale clear oil modified urethane varnish. It gives satin sheen in nitrocellulose furniture lacquer. It is also preferred in aluminum extrusion coating and coil coating with long guaranteed life, to reduce gloss at all viewing angles. It is gaining use in high solid pigmented metal office furniture finish.

    Fire Extinguishing Powders :
    Supersil precipitated silica ensures extremely good humidity protection due to its hygroscopic nature, so extinguishers remain fully operational even after extended storage.